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Introducing the Journal of Turkish Literature

The Journal of Turkish Literature, published annually by the Center for Turkish Literature at Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, is the first and only international scholarly journal in English devoted in its entirety to Turkish literatures from their outset to the present day.

The literature of the Turks is among the oldest of living literatures. In nearly twelve centuries, it has been alive in many continents and regions, expressing itself in a diversity of languages and scripts, and remaining receptive to external influences as well as maintaining its intrinsic impetus for renewal. From Central Asia to Anatolia and beyond, it has served as a faithful mirror of Turkish societies and cultures, often functioning as a vehicle for pioneering ideas and ideals. As such, Turkish literature is both a repository of time-honored values and a powerful catalyst for change. JTL aims to reflect these aspects while encompassing the literary output of the Turks in Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans, and elsewhere. Its main emphasis is on Seljuk, Ottoman, and modern Turkish literature as well as on Central Asian roots.

The Journal of Turkish Literature is committed to the principles of objective scholarship and critical analysis. Submissions and solicited articles are evaluated by international peer referees through a blind review process.

JTL hopes to provide new dimensions of literary assessment to the growing corpus of Turkish cultural studies in the international academic sphere. The JTL editors welcome suggestions and critical comments from readers and subscribers. We hope JTL will make significant contributions to a better understanding of Turkish literature and culture.

Talât Sait Halman


Talât Sait Halman
Laurent Mignon
Associate Editor
Süreyya Elif Aksoy
Assistant Editor

Honorary Consulting Board

Metin And
Bilkent University
İlhan Başgöz
Yüzüncü Yıl University
Halil İnalcık
Bilkent University
Geoffrey Lewis
Emeritus, Oxford University
Walter G. Andrews
University of Washington
Louis Bazin
École des Langues Orientales
Bernard Lewis
Emeritus, Princeton University
Irene Melikoff
Emeritus, University of Strasbourg

Editorial Board

Füsun Akatlı
Yeditepe University
Murat Belge
Bilgi University
András J. E. Bodrogligeti
University of California
Dilek Doltaş
Boğaziçi and Doğuş Universities
Nüket Esen
Boğaziçi University
Walter Feldman
Formerly, University of Pennsylvania
Victoria R. Holbrook
Ohio State University
Celia Kerslake
Oxford University
Saliha Paker
Boğaziçi University
Sevda Şener
Formerly, Ankara University
Hilmi Yavuz
Bilkent University
Sarah G. Moment Atiş
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Eleazer Birnbaum
University of Toronto
Robert Dankoff
University of Chicago
İnci Enginün
Formerly, Marmara University
Ahmet Evin
Sabancı University
Emine Gürsoy-Naskali
Marmara University
Joseph S. Jacobson
Emeritus, University of Utah
Özdemir Nutku
Dokuz Eylül University
Jale Parla
Bilgi University
Barbara Walker
Formerly, Texas Tech University
Ayşegül Yüksel
Ankara University


The Journal of Turkish Literature is marketed as a book, price per copy: USD 25.

Please send remittances to:

Syracuse University Press
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United States of America.

Alternatively, for purchases within Turkey, remittances are accepted at:

Account 940000-3
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Postage is included for mailings to addresses in Turkey.

Back issues of JTL are available from the same sources at the same price.


JTL invites articles on any aspect or period of Turkish literature, mainly on Seljuk, Ottoman, and modern literature, as well as Central Asian literature.

All submissions must conform to the “Style Guidelines” on pages 158-60 of the first issue of JTL (2004) and will be subject to review by international peer referees through a blind review process.

JTL welcomes English-language submissions in any form (electronic, typewritten, legibly handwritten). Please direct electronic submissions to jtl@bilkent.edu.tr in a format compatible with Microsoft® Word. All other submissions should be mailed to:

Journal of Turkish Literature
Bilkent University Center for Turkish Literature
Faculty of Humanities and Letters
06800 Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey.

Along with each article, submit a 250-word abstract as well as a 150-word autobiographical note providing background about you as the article’s author.

For book review submissions, although abstracts and autobiographical notes are not necessary, be sure to provide your institutional affiliation (if applicable) and professional title. Also, please consult the editors in advance about the book or books you would like to review for JTL.

Although the JTL staff makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of JTL content, ultimate responsibility for accuracy lies solely with authors. In particular, this burden includes, but is not limited to, the faithful quotation and meticulous citation of published sources. The act of submission for publication in JTL implies complete understanding, and constitutes tacit acceptance, of this burden of responsibility for accuracy of content.